Top 5 High School Must Haves

Some every day items are necessities. Others, we merely want and only use occasionally. Here are five items that can keep you organized and/or entertained, and are a great investment.

1. Bullet Journal/Planner

I absolutely love my bullet journal. I typically use it to keep all of my to-do’s in order, keep track of all of my upcoming school assignments and to jot down a few of my goals, but it can be used in so many ways! Be creative with it!

2. A Theme

This one may be a bit tricky to accomplish, especially if you’re a total bargain school supply shopper (like me). But this is good for staying organized and put together throughout high school. And it’s totally fine to change your theme from year to year! If you choose to have a different theme each year, have a NEUTRAL back pack so you don’t have to spend a ton of money before the first day. If you don’t have a theme in mind or need inspiration, feel free to check out my post on 2020 High School Themes. Click here to visit.

3. A Personal Device

Okay, guys. Let’s be real. It’s so hard to keep track of school notes in a plain and simple notebook. I would prefer (and recommend) copying a (colorful/attention-getting) version of your notes onto a tablet or laptop that has been revealed in the past year or so. That way, you can review notes on the go without keeping track of endless sheets of paper. Not to mention it comes with entertaining apps, as well!

4. Colorful Pens

Maybe the iPad isn’t in your back-to-school budget. No biggie! You can still take gorgeous and clean notes in a normal notebook. I recommend ‘Bic’ and ‘Staples’ brand writing utensils.

5. “Just in Case” Money

The truth is that emergency money is rarely used in actual emergencies, so I like to call my extra cash “just in case” money. I have it just in case I need it . Maybe I forgot my lunch at home, or I make sudden plans to go home with a friend and I need money to get there. Whatever the reason, it’s a good idea to have it in your back pocket in the event that it is necessary.

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