2020 High School Themes

It’s important (and fun) to have a recurrent theme throughout the school year. Here are some of my favorite themes (such as marble, pastels and florals, to name a few) that are super cute (and trendy) that you can use to absolutely ROCK this next school year. If you already have a theme (Or once you’ve picked one), feel free to head right on over to my “Top Five High School Must-Haves” page.

1. Pastel

Personally, I haven’t tried this one yet; however, a lot of my friends have. And we all know how gorgeous soft colors are. Pale blues, light pinks and muted pinks can either stand alone as a single color, or they can come together to create a beautiful color palette. It’s relaxing to look at as well. Pastel themes typically give a playful, but mature vibe. Some of my favorite pastel color palettes always include purple and pink, but a pale peach color or a hint of lime green adds an extra touch to make your color scheme absolutely adorable.

2. Marble + Gold

Marble + gold is a chic, trendy back to school style that I used one year and absolutely LOVED. It’s super modern and goes with…..well…….pretty much everything. While simple marble is pretty, gold adds a bit of a sassy kick. If you do choose to stick with only marble, it’s super cute to have contrasting marble colors to use to decorate all of your materials. I was required to cover all of my textbooks, so I would always use marble scrapbooking paper to spice it up. It’s also easy to use separate colors to differentiate your subject. I used a blue-based marble for English class, a pastel pink marble for math etc. Obviously, you can use this technique for any theme that you choose.

3. Beachy

A beachy theme can be portrayed in a couple different ways. You can use hues commonly associated with a tropical island, or you can use physical shapes (such as palm leaves, or maybe an anchor) as a center point. This one is on my list, for sure, and I plan to use navy blues, deep turquoises, and maybe a sunshine yellow to add some pizzazz. You can create custom graphics to design binder/textbook colors at Canva.com. It’s super easy to use as well, and it’s absolutely free.

4. Floral

Your design will vary with this idea depending on whether or not you like dark base or bright and colorful base. I tend to fall under the bright and colorful category, but I think both are gorgeous. For a darker, more sophisticated pattern, you can mix and match grays, peachy tones, navy blues or blacks and ivory whites. For a playful and lively color-coordination, pinks can also still be used with coffee browns, deep greens, gray and bright blue. You can also choose whether or not you want a sketched flower arrangement or an organic watercolor one. Watercolor flowers are typically more elegant. Sketches are on the edgy side.

6. Adventurous

This one is more of a color scheme pattern. While there’s no specific shapes or design elements, there are basic colors that allow creativity are easy to expand upon. The Adventurous theme primarily consists of neutral tones, like khaki greens, bright whites and stone grays. Because the adventurous theme is neutral, it can be mixed & match in all sorts of different ways. You can also add colors to this theme to make it your own. Some of my favorite colors to add are pale, peachy pinks, muted greens and stone washed blues.

7. Chic

The Chic idea reminds me of a vacation on the French riviera. Dark shades (such as navy and royal blue) and whites converge with bright pinks (you can tell that I like pink) to create a contemporary style contrast. Apart from color, there is a design element to help everything come together -stripes and solids. You will regularly see the whites and dark hues depicted as the stripes, with a solid coral, but you can always replace colors. That’s part of making things your own! This is for girls with a fresher, refined taste and looks beautiful however you choose to change it up.

8. Paisley

Lastly, we have paisley. Paisley can be changed to fit different color themes. If the other coordinations above weren’t your cup of tea, then paisley might be right for you. If you don’t approve of pink, or blue isn’t your favorite, (you can tell that it’s one of mine), I would recommend paisley because you can always find a paisley pattern to suit your taste. A purple or peachy orange are always my go-to palettes, but there are plenty of others to choose from. One of my friends loves a good navy blue style. Whatever color is your favorite, you are sure to find it within this theme.

Hopefully you were able to find inspiration for a good theme to use this school year! There are so many different ones to choose from, aren’t there? If you found a lovely style to use, please feel free to check out my post about how to keep organized and decorate your materials. As for now, be sure to have a fantastic day (or night) and remember to keep smiling!


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