Organization Hacks

Let’s be honest. It’s super hard to keep your room/home clean 100% of the time, right? Believe me, I know. Pretty much everything that comes into my room stays there FOREVER, and random trinkets show up on my shelves unexpectedly. Recently, I’ve been struggling to keep everything in my space stay clean. Can you relate? I created this post to give you my top tips on organization so your room (or house) can be as tidy as possible.

My room is almost always a complete train wreck. Whenever I do homework in my room, papers and textbooks are strewn across the floor along with clothes that I need to put away. Let me tell you, I’m a total clean freak, and I hate when it looks like that! Since you’re here, I’m assuming you do as well. I mean, you can’t work when it looks like a tornado went through! So, without further ado, here are my top tips for organizing your room.


1. Shoe racks & bins

Adding a shoe rack to set shoes on saves sooooo much closet space. I don’t have a shoe, rack (I wish I did), but I do have shoe bins. They aren’t as pretty or put together because I’ve had to stack shoes, but it is good for organization. I have my shoes separated by type. For example, I have sandals in one bin, athletic shoes in another, a dress shoe bin, and a miscellaneous bin. I have them set aside to one side of my closet floor so that I have room for my hamper, which brings me to my next tip.

2. Closet hamper

Adding a small hamper to your closet can reduce clutter in the open space of your room. They’re super cheap, too. I got mine from Target for about $15, and you can buy them on Amazon as well. My hamper is a small cubic hamper, and is woven in grey and white plastic. At first, I didn’t think that it would fit as many clothes as it did, but the storage with Target hampers is incredible. I’m not sponsored by target, I promise ;). If you purchase a pretty one, it can dull down a lot of color, or make your closet brighter. And like I said before, it’s a great way to declutter your outer room space.

Room Space:

Bed Storage:

If you don’t have a trundle under your bed, the empty space can be a wonderful asset to organizing your room. Around your house, you can find matching baskets or even use shoe boxes to keep your belongings in. I keep books, shoes and blankets in the baskets under my bed. If you don’t have baskets or pretty boxes inside your house, you can find some at Target for under $15.

*TIP* Find baskets that match your room theme and fill up space under your bed. This will make your room look cozier.


Hooks are AMAZING when it comes to making your room look great. They don’t have to be boring, either. I have two gorgeous hooks in my room; one is for my backpack and the other is for my jewelry rack. I absolutely love them. They aren’t your standard plastic hooks, either. They are fairly heavy duty and are made of wrought iron. You can get them in different shapes, too. Mine are music notes. If you hide a hook behind your door for a wallet, purse or bathrobe, it is easily concealable. You can have it out in the open as well. These are easily found on Amazon and in Target for an incredibly affordable price.

LED Photo Strand:

This is one of my all time faves. Not only does it declutter space in my room, but it is super gorgeous as well. In fact, they are so pretty that you can find them in my post on “Items to Add to Your Room to Make it More Relaxing.” You don’t have to worry about taking up space with picture frames and you can hang so many pictures on one strand. These also look amazing when they are layered. I recommend a warm colored light in a strand as opposed to a cool light because a warm light adds a cute glow to your room – especially at night. These are found pretty much everywhere (Target, Amazon, Michaels, etc) for under $15.

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