Best Ways to Organize Your Locker

Organizing your middle school/high school locker is a gateway to getting (and keeping) your school life together. Surprising? Maybe a little. But having an organized/clean space to visit and grab your supplies before the bell rings in between classes makes it easier to be more productive. Here are my top tips and ideas for how to organize your middle school/high school locker.

In elementary school, I didn’t have a locker. Moving to middle school, I was so excited to have one! I know this isn’t the case for everyone, but I had one all to myself which was amazing. I experienced a minor setback in my first year in middle school. While it may be wrongly placed, I put the blame on my messy, chaotic locker. It was a difficult time to easily find everything I needed (binders, worksheets, etc) because my locker was all over the place.

Not gonna lie, it was a horrible struggle.

My second year of middle school, I had the locker thing figured out. Everything was aligned the way I needed it to be, and I had specific spots for my binders, textbooks and folders. I had two locker shelves that I stacked and hung on hooks to suspend some of my supplies. In this article, I’m gonna tell you everything you need in order to skip the hassle I went through in middle school. Also, you may also find my post on How to Get Your Life Together: High School Edition to be of some help to you.


I cannot express enough how much this helped me in my second year. I had one locker shelf in the beginning, but I purchased a second one later on. I wish I had gotten it sooner! One of my favorite hacks for locker shelves is hanging it on hooks on the sides of your locker. That way, you can put binders or textbooks on it, while also leaving room for a shelf that holds your other materials. I recommend getting matching ones, and ones that match your high school theme. You can find my post on choosing the best high school themes here.


Another one of my favorite tips. Sometimes, you just don’t have room in your backpack for a pencil case. I literally could not fit a pencil case into my backpack because it was so full of papers and homework and trash that I hadn’t had the time to sort through. So, I kept one or two pens/pencils in the side pockets of my bag and kept a ton of them in a little holder in the top shelf of my locker. It was so easy to take one out whenever I needed one, and they were always easy to find. If your school doesn’t have locks (like mine) I also recommend keeping a few pens/pencils hidden so that you can restock whenever you need to and don’t have to worry about losing all of your writing tools.


Adding decoration to a locker fills it with personality and makes it fun to visit your locker. At the very least, running by your space won’t be a chore. Once you find your theme (be sure to check out my post here), find or buy a few trinkets that are pretty and match your theme. Just be sure to limit the amount of items that you add so that you still have plenty of room to compile your school supplies without you locker looking cluttered. I had a solid colored theme, so I added wallpaper that complimented the other colors in my locker. If you add wallpaper as your decoration, I recommend using wrapping paper, similar to what you use to wrap birthday or Christmas presents. To pin the wrapping paper on, simply use magnets or tape.
*hint:* magnets can also be a pretty decoration tool.


Adding pictures to a locker is a trendy idea these days. You can reflect on old memories whenever you open the door. It’s also a super cute idea to add a string light or two to add a bit of flare. I don’t recommend doing this if you are set on having wallpaper, unless the wallpaper is a neutral color. If you add photos, I recommend adding some portrait and landscape photos, with some being of scenery and others being of you or friends and family. These don’t have to match your theme, but it is sometimes pretty for your pictures to have a matching filter or preset in order to tie them all together.

There you have it! All of my locker tips and tricks! As always, send me a message if you have something that you’d like to see, or if you have any other ideas to add. Be sure to check out my post on How to Get your Life Together in High School. Remember to keep smiling!

~ Belle

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