My Top 5 Summer Reads

A wonderful book can be very difficult to find. They tend to be few and far between, but when you find the right one it can be impossible to put down. If we have similar taste in genres, then you’ll love these suggestions! Here are my absolute favorite books that you must read.

1. The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is a heart-wrenching book about two teens growing up with life-threatening cancer. Unbeknownst to one another, they begin to develop feelings for each other. As the novel continues, we learn that there is a medical predicament that could affect the relationship between the two characters. I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that it is a huge tear jerker. Be prepared and have a box of tissues by your side as you read this book.

2. Piecing Me Together

Piecing Me Together is a wonderful story to read during this time of racial tension. This book, is also about a young teen, albeit she does not have a lethal disease. The fiction book follows the life of Jade, who is a determined African American high school student who attends high school in a primarily white school district. Jade feels that she doesn’t really fit in at her school, and the story follows her struggles as she attempts to find equal opportunities to stand out from her peers.

3. A Very Large Expanse of Sea

I haven’t quite finished this book yet, but I’m in love with it so far. A Very Large Expanse of Sea is about a young Muslim girl living in America shortly after the terrorists attacks of 9/11. She struggles to fit in because of stereotypes after the tragic events, even though she has lived in America her entire life. She meets a young boy named Ocean, and the two eventually fall in love. Shortly after, the two are subject to much prejudice because of race and beliefs.

4. One of Us is Lying

One of us is Lying is a thrilling murder-mystery novel that follows four high school students who are suspected for the murder of one of their classmates after they attended detention together. I think this book makes my Top 5 List because not is full of twists and turns and several plot twists. One of Us is Lying has a sequel called ‘One of Us is Next’ which follows a set of related characters in a similar story.

5. You’d be Mine

This book is also a sweet, heart wrenching novel that kind of reminds me of a more PG version of “ A Star is Born.” This book is about a teen country star named Cooper Clay as he reaches out to find his ex-girlfriend and co-star Annie Mathers. Annie is a southern-belle, while Cooper Clay is more of the cowboy style. As the saying goes ‘opposites attract’. So, inevitably, the two fall in love (again). The ending is bittersweet, and the story is amazing!

As you can tell, I really love reading mysteries and love stories. If you do too, or if you’re willing to jump out of your comfort zone a little bit, then these books are definitely for you!!! Hopefully you like them! as always, have fun and keep smiling!

love always,


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