Stickers You Won’t Want to go Without

Who doesn’t love a little something to spruce up their laptop or notebook? Personally, I think the best way to achieve having an adorable notebook is through stickers! I’ve designed some super fun decals for you to purchase on my Etsy shop, and I’ve linked them (and their prices) for you to decide which of these is right for you. Enjoy!

Boho Sticker Pack – 11 Stickers – $2.00 USD

1. Beachy Boho

This sticker pack is my first sticker pack ever! I’ve included autumn themed stickers, and several beachy ones. This perfect sticker pack is perfect for you if you consider yourself an adventurer.

Click here to view!

2. Volkswagen Van

This sticker pack is an oil-painting themed Volkswagen Van sticker. These iconic stickers are currently advertised as a single sticker, but can be ordered as a sticker pack.

Click here to visit

Customizable Heartbeat Sticker – $1.00 USD

3. Customizable Heartbeat Sticker

This sticker has been designed to feature a text of your choice. You can request a date, name, message etc. Feel free to be creative!

Click here to view

Do you have any more ideas on sticker designs? I’d absolutely love to hear them! Don’t be afraid to drop them in the comment box below. As for now, enjoy your stickers! I plan on dropping at least one new sticker each week. Sign up for the Busy and Beaming Community for a possible promo code and some exclusive tips. See you next time!

Keep Smiling,

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