How to Organize in High School

High school can be a stressful time for those who aren’t prepared. Luckily, it’s super easy to get a handle on what to expect in high school so you can become a pro at having everything together (academically and socially). These suggestions aren’t only for high school students, and they can be utilized in college as well. Here are my top tips for how to get your life together in school!

1. Organize, Organize, Organize

Organization is KEY in high school. You have to have a system in place on how you are going to keep track of assignments and projects that are due, and what you are able to take home or recycle. You can have a laptop computer, or you can go old school and have everything on pencil and paper. Personally, I prefer the laptop method, but the pencil and paper method is convenient when you know how to use it. When using the pencil and paper method, I recommend having several 1” or 2” notebooks. You can use one for each class, and have a folder of items that are due, and a folder of graded assignments. When using the laptop method, I recommend using OneNote to keep track of everything. You can create different folders, and move worksheets around so that they can stay where you need them to be. I only recommend this method if your school allows it, though. Organizing your locker can also help exponentially. You can read my post here on How to Organize your Locker.

2. Take Productive Notes

Productive note taking is hard to learn off the cuff, and is something that involves experimentation. My favorite note taking strategy is using different colored pens to write different points, and having a key so that when I go back and study, my notes are captivating but also has different things that I know I either need to study more, or clarify. If I write my notes in a pencil, I will highlight my notes when I am studying. I would like to point out that you SHOULD NOT be writing paragraphs while taking notes. Only write a few important bullet points and try to make them as concise as possible, so you can catch everything said in the lecture in your head. ONLY write the most important parts.

3. Ask for Help

Don’t hesitate to ask your teachers for help or clarification on anything. They will help you, and it will make all the difference. Whenever I didn’t understand something that was explained, I asked my teachers. They would always re-explain something and so that I would understand it, rather than making a general explanation for everyone.

4. Socialize

Having a group of friends to talk to can actually help your grades and your mental health. You can study with your friends, and you can have fun with them outside of school and inside of school. In high school and college, the friends you make might also be the friends that you keep in touch with for the rest of your life, so don’t let this opportunity to socialize and meet that best friend, because now is the prime time to get to know them.

5. Do your Work Ahead of Time

If you have a school assignment that you know is coming up, or a big project due several weeks from now, get. it. done. I can’t stress how much of a difference this makes. Later in the year, you won’t feel like you’re in over your head and drowning in an ocean of homework and tests that you aren’t prepared for. The more you stay on top of your priorities, the more free time you will have to form that bond with your friends, and your grades will likely be better.

That’s all! Hopefully now you have the tools you need to go out and rock high school (or college)! I’m excited for you! As always, I love to hear your feedback, thoughts and input, so please drop me a comment! Let me know how these methods work for you! Don’t forget to check out my post on How to Organize your Locker. Also, be sure to join the Busy and Beaming Community so you never miss a post (and maybe receive a few freebies 🙂 )See you next week!

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