Creative Party Themes

Who said that some parties don’t need a theme? A party without a theme is like a cake without decoration – it’s boring! This year, parties may look exponentially different, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t look forward to when social events are normal again. Whether it is a birthday party, graduation event, or simply an impromptu gathering, these party themes are sure to make your party a blast.

First things first. In order to throw the best party, you should to have a general guest list together. You don’t need to have every guest RSVP immediately, but you do need to know who you would like to invite. This way, you can tailor your theme to match which movies your guests have seen, which books they’ve read, etc. This is definitely not to say that you should pick a theme that your guests love but you hate. The host or hostess deserves to have a good time to! Simply put, you need to find a middle ground.

1. Northern Nights

Yes, I mean northern nights, not northern lights, though both would be gorgeous. This would be a great dance theme or a self-hosted party theme. I recommend using this idea for an autumn party, or a party in colder weather. You can make your party a formal event with floor length gowns or you can choose to keep it casual, with leggings or jeans and a sweater. It is entirely up to you! Another add on is to host a bonfire event the same night.

2. Pink, (Rose) Gold and White

Pink, gold and white is a timeless color scheme, but you can make your gathering more trendy and contemporary by switching normal gold into a pale rose gold. Splashes of gray adds a nice touch as well. Decorations may include daisies, a gold vase, and dangling lights. Chair sashes are also popular. This is a great casual party option, or it can be adapted into a beautiful wedding theme.

3. Caribbean or Mediterranean

These are my favorite spring and summer themes, but they can be used in the fall as well. If you have a favorite movie that takes place in either of these places, you can adapt the music from the movie into a background playlist. In summer, a pool party around the Caribbean theme would be perfect. Decorations for this party may include lots of greenery, hibiscus flowers, and glass vases with floating candles.

4. Floral

On the topic of greenery and flowers, a floral party is wonderful for the spring. The weather is gorgeous and there are so many color options to choose from. With this theme, you can choose to go contemporary with gray accents and succulents, or you can choose to keep the timeless style and stick with alternative garden flowers. With this theme, I recommend investing in several plant bushes, vases and pots because you want to keep your theme consistent. You don’t want to have a few flowers here and there so that your idea is barely noticeable. Make it obvious in the setup and the invitation. 🙂

5. Disco

Disco is a classic party theme. Who doesn’t love bright colored backdrops, balloons and disco balls? This party theme is fun for a small Spring Fling or a Birthday party. Sometimes, it is entertaining to combine this theme with others, to create new ideas such as Caribbean Disco for a beachy 70’s throwback.

6. Autumn

This is the final this that I couldn’t NOT add this theme. Who doesn’t like fall? There is so much to love, so why not compile it into a seasonal party idea? For this idea, fairy lights or tea lights are a must have, and burnt orange/rust red floral decor is a nice touch. Also, a bonfire and Chinese Lanterns is a fun idea to finish it off.

Party themes can always be mixed, matched and tweaked at any point. Which of these themes are your favorite? My contact form is always open, and I’d love to hear your feedback! You can find supplies for DIY decorations at your local craft store as well as Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Target. For a classy decoration piece, you can visit my post on “Summer DIY Projects: Photo Hoop“. You can use these ideas to create a show-stopping party. Also, be sure to join the Busy and Beaming Community for extra freebies, recipes, and posts. See you next week!

Keep Smiling,

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