Simple & Creative Lunch Ideas for Students

Finding an easy lunch plan to stick to and follow can be incredibly challenging. Finding recipes that you can cram into your busy schedule is key to having a great start to your day. Here are some of my favorite recipes for a busy student. if you want my lunch planners along with my monthly planners, go ahead and visit my Etsy shop here.

Have you ever been in such a rush in the morning that you either forget to make lunch or are so stressed that a simple ordeal turns into a big time-suck? For some reason, this used to happen to me all the time. For an easy start to your morning, I recommend making your lunches in the evenings. You can also grab some my monthly planners here that include lunch planners. These help a ton!

1. Tacos

Tacos are easy if you have most of the ingredients prepared already. It can be challenging to make all of the taco toppings in the morning, but pre-made ingredients are easy to include. My favorite tacos have ground beef, tomatoes, avocado, cheese, carrots and lettuce.

2. Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwiches are absolutely delicious. These are often seen as a tea – time snack in European countries. They are energizing and are a lighter meal. They need to be balanced out by other sides because they aren’t incredibly filling. You might need to make several small sandwiches in order to create a full dish.

3. Hard Boiled Eggs + Cheese

Hard boiled eggs and cheese is probably the easiest idea in this list. You can lay the eggs in boiling water and relax while they are cooking. You can wrap them in cheese for added flavor. This one is amazing, especially for an early morning.

4. Mediterranean Wrap

Mediterranean wraps can almost be a full meal. They are easy to make within ten minutes. My favorite Mediterranean Wraps include hummus, deli meat, olives, lettuce, tomatoes and edamame. For an easier option, you can make a wrap with nutella, peanut butter and fruit. This takes about five minutes at most. Enjoy!

5. Beans and Rice

Making a black bean and rice bowl is about a ten minute ordeal. I like to use basmati or jasmine rice and any type of black beans (canned or cooked). Any rice or beans would work wonderfully. I cook the rice while I am preparing the beans, for sake of time. Like most of the other meals, this needs to be rounded out with other side dishes to account for a balanced meal. I like to add green vegetables such as cucumber or strawberries on the side. This is a flexible dish, so anything works!

Bonus Tip:

Consider packing your lunch the night before you need it. That way, you have more time to sleep in and less of a rush before you leave!

I can’t wait to see what you create for your lunch! I’d love to hear comments or see photos of what you made! Just drop it in the comment box below. Don’t forget to join the Busy & Beaming community so you never miss a post. I can’t wait to see you next week!

Keep Smiling,

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