10 Amazon Finds You’ll Love

We all love a great Amazon find, right? Sometimes you don’t know what you need until you find it. I constantly find myself searching for a certain item, only to come across something else I love. Can you relate? Here are some of my favorite random Amazon finds that I’m sure you’ll love as much as I do.

We can all use a little spontaneity, can’t we? What better way to do it than to find an item you love while online shopping? It can be a fun way to pass time and either decorate your home, office, or to complete work or a morning routine. Amazon has it all.

Sometimes, I’ll be searching for a specific tool or item on Amazon, then I’ll click an incorrect button and get totally sidetracked for a while.

That said, I’ve heard that this happens to a lot of people, though, so we aren’t alone! Here are a few random Amazon items that I found accidentally, but absolutely love!

1. Letter Board

These are wonderful for displaying a quote of the day, welcome sign, etc. They have also been trending on Instagram, with it’s own hashtag! There are so many styles to match the theme of your home or workspace. Below are a few of my favorite boards that I think you’ll enjoy as well.

Rustic Grey Letterboard

Monochromatic Letterboard

Pink Felt Letterboard

2. Bullet Journal

Simply put, a bullet journal is an artistic way to organize and plan. You can find a list of my favorite bullet journals below, and you can click here to check out my post on “How to Start a Bullet Journal”.

Poluma Bullet Journal

Artfan Bullet Journal

Scrivwell Bullet Journal

2. Wall Hanging Macrame

Who doesn’t love a bit of boho decor? A hanging macrame is a unique and creative way to spruce up your walls and home. You can have several complimentary ones throughout your house as well! Here is a link to the wall hanging macrame page on Amazon.

Wall Hanging Macrame

3. Faux Sheepskin Rug

A faux sheepskin rugs are great for decorating any space. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors so it’s hard to go wrong. Below are a few rugs that I love. There is only one link, but you can see a variety of colors and shapes to choose from.

Ashler Faux Sheepskin Rug

4. Mason Jar Wall Decor

This accent piece is sure to spruce up any wall. If you are looking for something unique to add to your home, this is highly recommended item. I don’t own one personally, but I would definitely get my hands on a few if I had the room. The wood or backing can come in several different stains or colors, and some can be customized.

Mason Jar Wall Decor

5. Storage Basket

A storage basket is a unique way to store laundry it a bedroom or dorm. Smaller ones can hold accessories, books or other miscellaneous items. A storage basket can double as a way to personalize a space. If you don’t like the idea of a small rope storage basket, you can find metal or wicker ones. A few of my favorites are linked below.

Large Rope Tassel Basket

Metal Storage Organizer

Basket Organizer

Bonus: Fabric Storage Organizer

6. Seasonal Pillows

Adding a few pillows that match the season is a creative way to add a moody pop of color to your home. While it’s always pretty to have a cohesive cushion theme throughout the year, sometimes it adds a fresh look when you mix it up. Below are a few pillow covers that I love.

Spring Seasonal Cushion Covers

Summer Seasonal Cushion Covers

Fall Seasonal Cushion Covers

Winter Seasonal Cushion Covers

Christmas Cushions Covers

7. Wax/Oil Diffuser

I love my wax diffuser because it brightens up my room. You can always match the design to your home or apartment and change out the scent according to seasons or moods. In fact, rather than having a diffuser that sits on a shelf or dresser, you can actually find a mini one that fits onto a wall. (Sometimes, they even double as a nightlight!) I recommend a peppermint scent because it clears out your sinuses. It also reminds me of Christmas, and who doesn’t love that??

Regular Oil Diffuser

Regular Wax Diffuser

Mini Wax Diffuser

Mini Oil Diffuser

8. Wall Map

Calling all travelers! A wall map is perfect for you if you love to travel. A wall map can be a tapestry, but my favorite is the three-dimensional cork push pin maps because you can mark places you’ve been (or places you want to go). They come in so many different designs, but I recommend a neutral scheme. If you choose a wall tapestry, I always think it adds an extra detail if you line the top with a few strands of fairy lights.

Wood Map

Wall Tapestry

Fairy Lights

9. Hanging Shelves

If you have the space, this item is a must have. There are so many creative ideas that you can easily incorporate into this. You can hang books, plants, trinkets, etc. It also adds so much character to whatever area you are designing. You’ll want to get get your hands on these!

Wood and Macrame Hanging Shelves

10. Macrame Mirror

Apparently I have a thing for macrame! A wall is never complete without a mirror, and an accent mirror is the perfect way to add a bit of personality to a wall, that you can also use every day. I’m always a fan of simple mirrors, but I’ve also attached a few bolder mirrors as well.

Simple Creme Macrame Mirror

Eye Macrame Mirror

Round Tassel Mirror

Happy shopping! Maybe while you’re scrolling through these, you’ll find something else that you love. If so, don’t hesitate to tell me! I’d love to hear it. As for now, enjoy your picks and I’ll see you next week!

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