Adorable Christmas Decorations

If you’ve been following for a little while, you know that I absolutely love Christmas. I have to try pretty hard to wait on decorating until Thanksgiving is over. Since December is finally here, I thought it would be a fun idea to post a few of my favorite Christmas decorations.

When the temperature first begins to drop, and the snow begins to fall, I put on the Christmas music and start dancing! I put the Christmas scent in my wax melter, and drink a little too much hot cocoa. (Also, I’m curious: do you say ‘hot chocolate’ or ‘hot cocoa’? Let me know in the comments!)

While all of this is so much fun, my favorite part of Christmas is decorating! It really gives me all the holiday feels. I figured that I would list a few of my favorite Christmas decorations from Amazon that you can use this year, or maybe next year when Christmas rolls around again!

1. Boho Christmas Rug

Ok, I think I might have a bit of an obsession with rugs. Seasonal rugs have always been my favorite because you can never have too many. You can switch them out anytime! While this boho rug is seasonal, it might be able to match the year – round decor of certain homes.

Boho Christmas Rug (rectangle)

Pastel Christmas Rug (round)

2. Pine & Eucalyptus Garland

Similar to a traditional garland, a pine & eucalyptus garland is a modern farmhouse spin on an often seen decoration. I love eucalyptus garlands with ornaments and lights, but garlands with pine cones and berries are also adorable.

Pine & Eucalyptus Garland

3. ‘Be Merry’ Christmas Banner

I love a pretty Christmas banner as much as I love rugs. It adds a bit of character to a home when a banner is draped across a fireplace or bookshelf. Burlap banners are my go-to but I also have a thing for

‘Be Merry’ Banner

Unique ‘Merry Christmas’ Banner

4. Tassel Beads

Tassel beads are a lovely piece to add to a foyer or table. I think they look wonderful when draped from a pot or vase because they add color or they can add to the overall theme of a home. I linked a beaded banner that can be used for drapery, or above a fireplace. This particular set is meant for Christmas, but there are sets for all seasons and home color schemes.

Christmas Tassel Beads

5. Stocking Decorations

Are you a college student or someone looking for a fun idea to do with friends this holiday? You might consider investing in a set of matching stocking s to hang above the fireplace just for fun. There are a few games to do with friends that involve stockings that you can easily find on Pinterest. Below are a few of my favorite boho stockings from Amazon.

White Boho Stockings

Colorful Boho Stockings

Bonus: Fuzzy Slippers

Who can go without a pair of fuzzy slippers on Christmas day?? I feel like I am always wearing fuzzy socks around the house, but a few pairs seem to wear out easily. If you are interested in slippers, I recommend moccasin slippers as a simple and fashionable option. If you are looking for a fancier slipper, you might find yourself attracted to these Jessica Simpson slippers from Amazon.

Jessica Simpson Slippers

Moccasin Slippers – Jessica Simpson

Note – The above Moccasin Slippers can double as an outdoor slipper as well

Did any of these catch your eye or match your home aesthetic? I’d love to know what you think, so feel free to let me know in the comments below. Have a wonderful week!

Keep Smiling,

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