Hey! Welcome to Busy and Beaming! I’m so excited that you’ve decided to join me. Since this is my first post, I’ll be writing a little bit about myself and my blog. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Why did I start Busy & Beaming?
  • I love sharing my ideas. Starting a new project is always so thrilling, and I think you should enjoy it with me. I love seeing comments about your latest creations, and I hope my tutorials make it easy for you to start a new project!
  • I find it easier to stick with a project when I am giving a tutorial on how to do it, or when I want to show others the final outcome.

I will create easy and quick reading to allow maximum time for you to get started on your projects. I strive to help my readers find a topic that sparks their passions and creates an environment where it’s ok to make mistakes. No one is perfect.

Quick Details:
  • I will be posting weekly about an art project I’ve done, bullet journaling, organization, photography, travel, books, room decor and occasionally a shorter post about my lifestyle, (ie, 5 items under $20 that I use daily.)
  • I would love to connect with everyone who visits this blog. Sign up for a mailing list to receive free downloads. (Did I mention these are exclusive?)
  • If my blog is successful throughout this year, I hope I will have reached out to a plethora of people who enjoy my ideas as much as I do.

I will  have free printables available for downloads to keep you organized, whether or not it is for school, planning your week, or if you’ve decided to start your own blog or passion project! You don’t have to join my mailing list for these resources.

Want to contact me? Just comment. I will usually respond within a week, and I enjoy seeing your reactions and opinions to my posts! Thanks for visiting!