My Favorite Bloggers you Need to Visit

Believe it or not, you probably visit several blogs for daily information, tips or ideas. Below I’ve listed some blogs that I adore, and that I’m sure you’ll love.

Believe it or not, you probably visit several blogs for daily information, tips or ideas. Each blog is run by a real person, so it’s time to share the love! Below I’ve listed some blogs that I adore. From the theme, to the content and photography, these websites deserve a ton of recognition, and I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

In this day and age, we tend to use the internet to search several things in our daily lives. From ways to clean a certain stain to tips on how to organize, you’ve probably visited at least one blog. They might even be listed below!

A blog is a articles and posts written by people who have experienced what they write about and they produce relevant and helpful information. We may receive a free printable or two out of visiting as well.

For some, this is a full time job.

It can be a lot to handle. But these ladies have it all figured out. Let’s get into it!

1.) @cassiescroggins

Cassie is a mom blogger focused on “helping women and moms realize their full potential” when it comes to blogging. If you’re looking to start a blog or a business, I highly recommend checking out her site. She has such wonderful content, and a bold, fresh theme.

2. @living.with.laney

If you’re a new or returning college student looking for a little inspiration, or someone to relate to? If you answered yes, then you need to check out Laney’s blog and instagram. She posts motivation, and everything to make school easier for students.

3. @macykarl

Macy is a lifestyle blogger travelling the world. Her beige instagram theme is warm and welcoming and the inspiration she posts is on point. Her feed is one of my favorites! One of my favorite posts from her website is “18 Ways to Stay Cozy this Fall”

4. @sarah.gilmoree_

@sarah.gilmoree_ ~ IG

Sarah is an adventurous mom who’s photos are perfectly layed out blue/grey feed. She has been to so many amazing destinations, and seeing her latest trips fill you with wanderlust.

5. @_sammanthaa.mac_

Samantha’s Instagram and website include fashion tips, as well as moody color schemes that are perfect for fall. My favorite part of Samantha’s Instagram is the photos she publishes. They are adorable!

Go show these amazing bloggers and budding influencers a little bit of love over the holidays. They definitely deserve it. The hard work they’ve put into their content has certainly paid off, From the authentic photos to the creative posts, what’s not to love? See you next week!

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Trendy Summer Styles 2020

This summer, dressing in accordance with trends is a little challenging since we aren’t going out as much anymore. However, as stores and restaurants begin to reopen, we will finally be able to wear our cute summer outfits again! So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

This summer, dressing in accordance with trends is a little challenging. Since we aren’t going out as much anymore, it really isn’t necessary. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been spending my days in sweatpants and a sweatshirt or a swimsuit – not outerwear. But, as stores and restaurants begin to reopen, we will finally be able to wear our cute summer outfits again! So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

When everything reopens again, I can assure you that I will be super excited to go out into town again! Finding these trendy outfits are not at all hard to do, as they can pretty much all be found at Target or Amazon. They can also be shipped to you if you don’t feel up to shopping inside a crowded store. Not only are these outfits super cute, but they also fit nicely into a tighter budget. If you need a place to shop this summer, check out my favorite ones in my post about the best places to shop. Check them out here. Enjoy this post!

1. Cross – Ruffled Skirt

A solid colored or polka dotted ruffled skirt is so cute to wear in the fall and in the summer. It pairs perfectly with a white t-shirt or vans. My favorite cross ruffled skirt is a maroon red with white spots on it. I love wearing gold jewelry with cross ruffled skirts as well. You can get one from Alter’d State. (It’s kind of hard to tell in the pic, but there is a ruffle. You can definitely tell when it is being worn.)

2. Retro T-Shirt

An off – white retro (and loose) shirt with a fun saying or design on it is one of the top styles this summer. You can get them almost anywhere for a really awesome price. My favorite vintage shirts are from Target. Prices range from around ten dollars to twenty dollars.

3. Tie – up Tank Top

Tie up tank tops are SO cute, especially during the summer time. While I don’t have one myself, I fully intend to get my hands on one eventually. I see them all the time at shops such as Alter’d State. I’m sure you could buy them on Amazon or at Target as well.

4. Striped Shorts

Striped shorts, especially ones with a matching/built in fabric belt is definitely one of this summer’s must haves. You can get them for around ten – fifteen dollars at Target or even Amazon. This trend has been around for a long time, and I don’t see it going out of style anytime soon.

5. Solid White T-Shirt

Solid white shirts are a general clothing necessity. They are nice to wear underneath a sweater, and can be paired with any shorts/skirts/pants. Your white shirt will look wonderful with gold or rose gold layered necklace (which is also trendy) and possibly a black or navy blue accent piece such as a handbag or watch. You can get them for around ten dollars. I would say that Target or Amazon (or T.J. Maxx) has the best prices.

6. Loose Long Sleeved T-Shirt

A loose or oversized long sleeved t-shirt or sweater is a trendy idea for this summer. This idea would look amazing if you plan on dining inside a casual restaurant, or an activity along those lines. This outfit isn’t particularly meant for a fancy location. Some would opt to save this style for autumn, when the weather becomes cooler. Sweaters can be found on Amazon or Target (they really do have everything!) for around fifteen – twenty dollars.

7. Hollister Shirt

Shirts from the brand Hollister are simply the cutest if you pick the right color that matches your hair color and skin tone. (For paler blondes, I recommend red). While all of the merchandise at Hollister is great, t-shirts with the brand name across the front are the trendiest.

8. Striped Shirt

Honestly, there are so many styles of striped shirts. (ie. shirts covered in thin stripes, shirts covered in bulky stripes etc.) While all of these are definitely in style, shirts with only a few thin stripes across the front or shirts with inky a few bulky stripes are the trendiest. I would also like to say that photo creds for images 2-8 go to my friend Kaylee!

Hopefully you found something to spark your interest in this summer’s trends. When you find yourself out and about again, please be sure to wear a mask and distance yourself to keep you and others safe and healthy!

Keep Smiling,