Starting a Bullet Journal on a Budget

A bullet journal is a way to artistically plan and organize. No matter what your artistic ability is, bullet journals can be conquered easily. So, here are my top tips for starting your own!

A bullet journal (or Bujo) is a way to artistically plan and organize. They are 100% customizable, and you can never really make a mistake. No matter what your artistic ability is, bullet journals can be conquered easily. I have been bullet journaling for quite a while and I absolutely love it. So, here are my top tips for starting your own!

Planning doesn’t always come naturally and it can be challenging to find a method that works for you. I guarantee that bullet journaling is incredibly helpful. Let’s get to it!

1. Invest in a Bullet Journal

Obviously, this is the place to start. You can’t start a bullet journal without the notebook! For a bullet journal, you need a dot grid notebook. These aren’t pricey at all, and can be found easily on Amazon! You can pick your color and even decorate with stickers! (you can find stickers from my Etsy shop right here) Below are a few links to my favorite bullet journals. It might help you to choose a bullet journal kit, as it saves a bit of money.

Artfan Bullet Journal

Poluma Bullet Journal

Scrivwell Bullet Journal

2. Plan your Monthly Theme

Your bullet journal can either match completely, or match month by month. You can buy bullet journal brush pens here. I recommend these dual tip pens because you have the option between a brush, (which looks lovely) or fine tip pens, which are good for detail. You can also use washable markers, but you run the risk of ink bleeding through the page, even if the paper is thick.

3. Create an Aesthetic Key

A bullet journal key explains the meaning of each color and symbol that you will use when journaling. For example, a star might mean that you have an appointment, whereas a dash might mean that something was cancelled. It’s entirely up to you to decide what each symbol means

Bonus 1:

As I’ve mentioned previously, you can personalize the outside of your bullet journal with stickers and decals. You can find the stickers that I’ve listed on the Etsy shop here.

Bonus 2:

Consider purchasing planner stickers or stencils. This can help make your bullet journal more aesthetic, and it can have some organization benefits as well. You can find a like to some of my favorites here.

You’re all set! Now you can plan and organize. For similar tips, you can check out my post on “How to Organize as a Student”. Happy Journaling!

Keep Smiling,

Create the Perfect Study Space in 3 Steps

Having a space other than a bedroom to work on projects is an absolute must. I’m here to help you create the perfect work space in less than an hour so you can get back to your day.

Having a space other than a bedroom to work on assignments and projects during the school year is an absolute must. While a simple desk with do the trick, creating a personalized space allows you to focus on the task at hand. Having a personalized space is also better for organizing rather than a cookie – cutter style office. This at – home project doesn’t have to take hours on end, either! I’m here to help you create the perfect work space in less than an hour so you can get back to your day.

Before we get into this project, you will need to find a space in your home or apartment that is quiet and not near your bedroom. Science shows that working in a bedroom can affect your sleep because your brain has no separation between work and relaxation. My study space is in the basement of house, which is effective. You can convert a closet into a study room, or you can set up at a coffee table if you live alone.

1.) Shop on Amazon

Let’s be honest – who doesn’t like online shopping? For your first step in creating the perfect study space, you need to pick out the following items in colors or patterns that match your personality.

  • Planner – find my Etsy planners here
  • Organization Caddy
  • Calendar
  • Pencil case
  • Electronic Device
  • Computer mouse (optional)
  • Multi – functional desk pad
  • Desk
  • Highlighters, markers and/or sharpies
  • Jar or Plant holder (to hold writing utensils)
  • Basket or large bowl

You can get these supplies from stores and websites other than Amazon, but I recommend Amazon because they supply quick shipping and a variety of brands and colors. You can get my Etsy planner printables at an affordable price here. You can also get your hands on some motivational bible verses here.

2. Clean up

Before you receive you supplies, clean up is an absolute necessity. Throw away any clutter that is unnecessary and re-organize anything that may be out of order or takes away from the aesthetic of your space. This step is important because non-essential clutter will be distracting in the long run. This step may take the most amount of time, but it will pay off the most.

3. Set – Up

When your order arrives, you can begin the setup of your space. Personally, I think that this is the best part. To begin, lay out your desk pad. Organize your caddy, and hang it up if you are able. This will reserve extra desk space for you. Hang your calendar on a wall, and place your planner or planning binder in the basket. Put your writing utensils in your jar or/basket/pot. Situate your electronic device and mouse on your desk pad. Put any miscellaneous school/work supplies in a pencil case or small box. Put this in an easily accessible cabinet, cubby or drawer.

Congratulations on completing your study space! No you can get the job done. Next week, make sure to look out for a post on how to stop procrastinating. You can also sign up for the Busy and Beaming Community to receive exclusive tips and materials and freebies, and so that you never miss a post. Enjoy your new office! 🙂

Keep Smiling,